Enjoy the comfort of white feather filled pillows wrapped in tightly woven 100% cotton down proof fabric available in two options; 100% feather and a 30% down 70% feather option.

The wider width lodge pillow is for king and super king size beds.

Sizes available


75 x 50 Standard - 100% Feather
75 x 50 Standard - 30% Down 70% Feather

95 x 50 Lodge - 100% Feather
95 x 50 Lodge - 30% Down 70% Feather


Coming soon

An adjustable height pillow with a feather down outer, encasing a 700g and 300g 100% feather insert. Open the outer case to adjust the height.

For low pillow sleepers, use the 300g insert.
For a medium height pillow, use the 700g pillow.
For those who prefer a higher pillow, use both the 700g and 300g inserts for a 1000g pillow.